About us

From initial career planning and skills assessment, all the way through graduation and landing a good job, we help students succeed. Zenith Education Group (Zenith), a nonprofit career education provider, is helping bridge our nation's skills gap and support the U.S. economy. Zenith offers affordable, high-quality programs that are regularly updated to provide students with training for in-demand skills so students are prepared, well-trained and ready to work in fulfilling careers immediately upon graduation. Above all, we're driven to promote the long-term success of our graduates.

Our commitment

At Zenith Education Group, we are committed to operating with integrity and complying with laws, regulations, accreditation standards, polices and our company values. Upholding these commitments is essential to fulfilling our mission to help students succeed in their pursuit of an educational experience that prepares them for the workforce.

We commit to:
  • Tell the truth about….
    • Educational program content
    • Instructor qualifications
    • Program enrollment requirements
    • Cost of education
    • Educational program financing options and obligations
    • Program completion rates
    • Verifiable and accessible job placement and salary information
    • Projected lifetime earnings versus the cost of the student's education
  • Be transparent with our students, each other, our regulators and the public regarding our….
    • Ethical standards
    • Commitment to students
    • Program objectives and outcomes
    • Marketing and student recruiting initiatives and materials
    • Ongoing support for students' educational goals
    • Accreditation and regulatory compliance
  • Provide marketing and recruiting information and materials that are…
    • Clearly written and understandable
    • Focused on the prospective student's career goals
    • Presented to suitable student prospects
    • Honest about the student's responsibilities that lead to completion and placement
    • Respectful of competing schools' programs
  • Be innovative through….
    • Fostering an environment that supports creative educational approaches in support of program objectives and outcomes
    • Engaging our students and faculty in creating "learning laboratories" to test dynamic career education concepts
    • Continually learning and improving upon our innovative approaches
    • Reinvesting materially in enhancing student programs
    • Providing the student an affordable education
  • Develop transformative education models based on meaningful collaboration with…
    • Students
    • Employees
    • Employers
    • Educators
    • Program Advisory Committees
    • Thought leaders, foundations and other engaged communities